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Team of Experts

Ron Menard
Ron menard
Ron Menard has been involved within the Health Industry as a researcher, adviser, product developer and successful entrepreneur. He has been a guest speaker at many events, interviewed on many daytime television programs and has been instrumental in developing health institutions across North America.
Dr. Chris Mazzuchin B.Sc., RPT, ND.
Dr Chris Mazzuchin
Dr. Chris Mazzuchin has been in clinical practice for over twelve years, together as a physiotherapist and as a naturopathic physician and is currently the clinical director of the Universal Medical Centre in Sudbury, Ontario. He has recently published two books, teaches at Laurentian University and is also on faculty at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.
Dr. Abid Ebrahim - Toronto
Dr. Abid Ebrahim - Toronto
Abid Ebrahim, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine specializes in Intravenous Therapy , Biopuncture , Acupunture,Herbal Medicine,Nutritional Councelling, Homeopathic Medicine and Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation.