Acu Relax


Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair - Model: A71

Features :

1.  3D massage mechanism system of this massage chair enables the backrest to stretch 7CM forth and back. This machine can realize the basic massage skills like acupressure, manipulating, kneading, rapping, beating and pressing. Furthermore, it has the additional seizing and pressing massage function for the shoulder.

2.  The position of seat, leg rest and backrest, etc. is adjustable, so the massage chair is suitable for people with different heights.

3.  The flip type armrest is designed with air pressure massage function. Air bags are available on both sides of the armrest to provide air pressure massage.

4.  The upper armrest can be assembled easily. The backrest and seat, and the armrest and backrest are linked with each , and this ensures users' comfortableness at any moment.

5.  The leg rest of this massage chair is able to extend for a maximum of 20cm.

6.  Coming with sliding type power case, this massage chair is convenient for maintenance.