Acu Relax

Massage Chairs

AcuRelax® massage chairs help people feel better and live happier lives. They help reduce stress and promote Wellness. Massage chairs offer proven health benefits. Millions of people use them to treat everything from back stiffness and soreness to tense and aching muscles. Using a massage chair helps you manage tight muscles and can prevent many conditions  related to stiff muscles. Massage chairs are gaining great attention from the wellness industry.


A few of the important benefits are:

Deep relaxation and stress reduction.



Relief of muscle tension and stiffness.



Greater joint flexibility and range of motion.



Promotes deeper and easier breathing.



     May Help to Promote circulation of body fluids.


Relief of tension-related or eyestrain headaches.


   Improving Wellness.


Faster healing from pulled muscles and sprained ligaments.


"A massage in time saves your spine".