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Q. What is infrared heat?
Ans. Infrared rays are the safest and healthiest part of sunlight. Using infrared saunas you can warm and heal naturally. Infrared refers to electromagnetic waves whose wavelength lies between visible light and microwave. Depending on its wavelength, infrared can be further divided into close-range, mid-range and distant-range. The distant range infrared has the longest wavelength and highest efficiency amongst the three. In fact, the distant range infrared is a solar panacea for all modern men and women's illness.

Q. Is far infrared technology safe?
Ans. Yes it is incredibly safe. Infrared rays are the safest part of sunlight. These are the rays which are used in the infrared saunas. So safe they are that they are used in the hospitals for keeping premature babies warm.

Q. What can an infrared sauna do for me?
Ans. It is an effortless cardiac workout. It helps in complete body detox, relieves all pains , muscular and joints. It makes you burn calories, lose weight and many more. Read the Sauna Benefits section for more info.


Q. How is infrared sauna different from traditional saunas?

Ans. Infrared saunas are more therapeutic and cost effective than traditional saunas. Infrared rays penetrate up to 2.5" to 3" deep in the skin producing more sweat, flushing more toxins whereas  traditional saunas heat only 2mm of the surface skin. Infrared heat is more comfortable and soothing compared to heat in traditional saunas. You can stay in an infrared sauna for a longer duration and enjoy more benefits.


Q.  How often can I use the infrared sauna?
Ans.  Infrared saunas provide a light cardiovascular workout. Like any other exercise you have to get used to it and build a tolerance. We recommend to start at low temperatures for 10-15 minutes initially and work your way up to full 30 minute sessions at the higher temperature. Once you are accustomed to it you can use it daily.

Q.  Which wood is better, cedar or hemlock?
Ans.  Both materials are very high quality and are equally good. However hemlock is non allergenic , non aromatic and lighter in colour. Cedar has its own aroma and is more reddish in colour. Consumer preferences vary.


Q.  Where are AcuRelax Saunas manufactured?
Ans.  AcuRelax Saunas are made from grade A Canadian wood in a technologically advanced facility in China. We pass our cost savings onto the consumer. Our saunas are manufactured in ISO9001 facilities and are UL/ETL/CSA approved.

Q.  I have heard Cedar is poisonous. Is that true?
Ans.  No, Cedar is not at all poisonous. Many people even cook food on cedar planks. In rare conditions some people may be allergic to cedar.


Q.  What is the difference between ceramic and carbon fibre heaters?

Ans.  Carbon fibre heaters have:

  Even heat distribution

  Lower surface Temp.

  Larger surface area, so more heat coverage, especially suitable for bigger units.

  More closer to far infrared.

  Deep tissue penetration.

  Lower energy cost.

  Heat faster. 

Q. Do I need to hire an electrician for special wiring?
Ans. No, most AcuRelax saunas use a standard 120V household plug with 15 amp circuit. For bigger units (4 person), you need a dedicated socket with a 20 amp circuit.
Q.  How much is the warranty on Acurelax saunas?
Ans.  AcuRelax saunas are guaranteed for one year, the heaters are guaranteed for five years.

Q.  Do you provide delivery and installation?
Ans.  Delivery and installation is available at an additional cost. 

Q. What are the contra indications of using infrared sauna?




        Cardiovascular diseases



        Recent wounds from an operation or surgery

        Recent joint injury

        Artificial joints or other surgical implants

        Medications, including anti-coagulants, antihistamines, tranquilizers,


          Diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Lupus, tumours, diabetes with neuropathy

Q. How do I keep my sauna clean?

Ans. It is recommended that users take a shower prior to entering the infrared sauna. Before sitting or reclining on benches, place a towel under each person to absorb perspiration.

You can clean your infrared sauna often to keep a fresh and well maintained appearance.

Use a bucket of warm water with a mild detergent soap and a clean cloth or sponge, and then rinse well with a fresh damp cloth and plain water.

Wipe down the walls where people have touched them, i.e. above benches, around doors, and controls as needed Sweep or vacuum your sauna periodically to remove dirt, hair, etc.

Avoid heavy detergents as they can discolor your wood or leave a residue, which could emit irritating or harmful fumes.

Do not use too much water as the wood will tend to turn dark.