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Q. How difficult is the assembly of the chair?
Ans. Assembly for any Acurelax chairs is quite easy. they come almost fully assembled. Complete setup instructions are included with the chair. As chairs are quite heavy, it is recommended that 2 strong persons are available.


Q. I have heard Japanese imported chairs are better, is that true?
Ans.  No. This may have been true several years ago but it is no longer the country where massage chairs are assembled that is important, it is the parts and components that the chair is made of that determines the quality of your chair. Nearly all massage chair manufacturers now have assembly plants in China, so even a 100% Japanese or Taiwanese chair may now say "made in China". AcuRelax has very strict quality control practices. All products are developed by our team of medical professionals and engineers. AcuRelax products are manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities and are ETL/UL/CSA approved.


Q. Can you hide or fold the calf chambers?
Ans.  No. Due to the unique design that provides true Shiatsu massage on the legs and feet, the chambers cannot be rotated inward. Most chairs that have calf and foot units that can be hidden do not actually provide true mechanical Shiatsu massage of the calves and feet. 



Q. Which material is used for the chairs?
Ans. Acurelax chairs are covered with tough and long lasting synthetic leather. It is virtually maintenance free and, will withstand the rigors of a frequently used massage chair and is nearly indistinguishable from natural leather. Normal leather cannot withstand the prolonged use of the rollers and heating element and will rapidly dry out and crack. The synthetic leather also has elasticity that will allow it to stretch with the deep massage motion of the rollers and return to its original shape. Our synthetic leather is devloped to be more durable, allowing it to maintain its look longer than normal leather. This material does not need to be conditioned, treated or moisturized and can be cleaned with almost any product.


Q. What kind of maintenance is required for the chair?

Ans. Like any fine piece of furniture in your home, only occasional cleaning is required. Our products are self-contained and maintenance free.



Q. How do I clean my chair?

Ans. You can vacuum any loose dirt or dust, then gently wipe with a water dampened sponge or cloth rag. 



Q. What are the contraindications of using a massage chair?

Ans. Children under 16 should not use massage chairs, because their spines are still forming. Pregnant women should not use massage chairs. Anyone who has had back problems or back surgery should check with their physician before using a massage chair. The massage chair is specified to hold up to 285 pounds. Applying any weight greater than this may put undue stress on the massage mechanism, which could cause damage the chair, or lead to premature wear and tear. Damage from excessive weight is not covered by the product warranty