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Q: What is Vibration training?

A: Acu Relax WBV machines feature a vibrating platform that exposes the whole body to vibrations. These Vibrations have many great benefits for the body. When you stand on the platform, vibrations are absorbed by the body. Your body's natural reflex is stimulated and muscles contract 25-50 times per second to dramatically increase blood circulation. This increases the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and vital organs resulting in many benefits. 


AcuVibes machines are adjustable so they can accommodate all people from highly trained athletes to people with disabilities or elderly. 


Q: Is vibration training safe?

A:  Absolutely. Vibration training has been  accepted  by  all  medical professionals. It is also used by NASA and many athletes and trainers. See the Research Section of this user guide for more information. People with medical conditions should consult a doctor before using an AcuVibes machine. See the Contraindications section of the user manual.


Q:  Does it really work?

A:  Yes, WBV training has many great benefits on the body. The body’s natural reflex to vibration is muscle contractions which increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  Increased blood circulation is the key to health and fitness.  Extensive worldwide research proves that WBV training has many health benefits. It is recognized worldwide and recommended by many doctors and health agencies. Please see the Research section of this User Guide for more information.


Q: Will Vibration training reduce cellulite?

A:  Yes, research concludes that WBV training reduces cellulite. WBV training increases your circulation, drainage of lymphatic waste, and increases your collagen production. The result is healthier skin and a reduction of cellulite in the body.


Q: How is it different from the treadmill and other cardio equipment?

A: WBV training with Acuvibes is faster and easier than a treadmill. WBV engages 90% to 100% of the body’s muscle fibres. The body makes thousands of small muscle contractions per minute to compensate for the vibration and maintain stability. WBV training is more gentle on your joints & ligaments. It provides strength training without strenuous exercise.


Q: Will it replace my regular workout?

A:  Everyone’s fitness goals are different. WBV training will help you burn calories and increase lean muscle mass and improve your balance and flexibility. It is strongly recommended that you supplement your cardiovascular workout with vibration training.  


Q: Why do my legs feel itchy during a workout?

A:  This is completely normal. WBV training increases your circulation dramatically. Increased circulation can make your legs tingle and feel itchy.


Q: Can I wear shoes during my workout?

A: Yes, you can wear your shoes if the soles are flexible. You can also exercise bare-footed if you prefer. Many people use a towel or yoga mat for added comfort.


Q: For how long & how often can I use an AcuVibes machine?

A: It is recommended that you use AcuVibes WBV machines for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. It is not recommended that you use a WBV machine for more than 10 minutes at a time. You can exercise again after taking a 20 minute break.


Q: Will I sweat during the exercise?

A: Yes. It is very normal to sweat during vibration training. WBV training increases your blood circulation, metabolism & core temperature.


Q: Do whole body vibration machines really help to lose weight?

A: Yes, they do. Vibration energy absorbed by the body make your muscles contract and relax 25-50 times per second. When your muscles contract, they require energy and burn calories.


Q: What are the contraindications to vibration training?


-       Pregnancy

-       Pacemaker

-       Acute inflammations and infection

-       Joint implants (e.g: knee, hip)

-       Active Cancer  

-       Acute Joint disorders

-       Gall Stones

-       Severe Migraine

-       Epilepsy

-       Cardiovascular Disease

-       Heart Disorders

-       Recent Thrombosis

-       Severe diabetes

-       Tumours

-       Arthritis

-       Kidney Stones

-       Hernia

-       Herniated or bulging disc

-       Discopathy or spondylosis