Acu Relax


3D Zero Gravity - Model: A73

Model number A-73

Basic Features :

3D Four Roller Zero Gravity  Massage

Body Detecting Function : Yes

Number of Massages : 10

Shiatsu : Yes

Kneading : Yes

Flapping : Yes

Knocking : Yes

3D Massage : Yes

Massage stroke: L-shape

Combination of Kneading and Flapping : Yes

Combination of Kneading and Knocking : Yes

Combination of Kneading and Shiatsu : Yes

Manual Massage for upper body , Overall , Partial ,

Fixed Point Option : Yes

Speed Adjustments : 3

Number of Airbags : 36

Width : Adjustable

Electronic Remote Stand Adjustable : Yes

Electronic Intensity control : Yes

Electronic Inclination : Yes

Arm Massage : Yes

Back Stretching : Yes

Back and Waist Twist :  Yes

Hip Swing :  Yes

Calf Stretch : Yes

Foot extension – Retraction : 18 cm

Massage of Feet and Arches : Yes

Bending the feet function : No

Distance from wall: 8 cm

Heating Function : Available, Massage machine heating

Power Supply: AC120W

Power Consumption: 200W

Power Frequency: 60Hz

Timer Range: 8~30 minutes

Reclining Angle: Approx. 120x~170~

Automatic Reclining (from floor level continuous motion)

Chair Dimensions: Width Approx. 45"

Height Approx 46"

Reclined Length Approx 67"

Weight: 104kg

Outer Covering: Leather / Synthetic Leather