Acu Relax


3D Massage Chair - Model: A33 - Beige

Descriptions :

3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair designed with a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted intelligent 3D massage hands.

Automatically check the shoulder position, body curve and massage points and makes micro adjustments according to the body curve and massage points, automatically adjusts the massage hands forward and backward so as to make it more humanistic and scientific.

Designed with four special automatic massage functions: Ease, Comfort, Ache cure and Recovery from fatigue.

Automatic massage for the upper body (The shoulder and neck & the back and waist).

Manual massage for the upper body with three options: overall, partial and fixed point options; Six massage methods: knocking, kneading, flapping, shiatsu and synchronous kneading & flapping and 3D, with five levels of speed adjustable respectively. In the state of flapping and shiatsu, the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable with five levels.

Air pressure massage for Neck and shoulder; Air pressure massage for arms,with three air pressure intensity options.

Air pressures massage for the lower body, with three position options and three air pressure intensity options.

Sole roller massage; Back-waist twist; Swing Hip Function; Calf stretch.

Equipped with MP3 player and earphone. MP3 player functions: Play, Stop,Previous One, Next One, Volume Up and Volume Down.

Heating function in the back, with carbon fiber as infrared heat emitter.

Foot extend-retract within 21cm

The calf rest can be lifted and stretched; The backrest can be lifted.

Automatically sits up and restore the massage hands when shut off the machine.

VFD displayer.

Features :

Model number A-33

Basic Features in comparative form :

3D Four Roller Zero Gravity  Massage

Body Detecting Function : Yes

Number of Massages : 6

Shiatsu : Yes

Kneading : Yes

Flapping : Yes

Combination of Kneading and Flapping : Yes

Knocking : Yes

3D Massage : Yes

Manual Massage for upper body , Overall , Partial , fixed Point Option : Yes

Speed Adjustments : 5

Number of Airbags : 90

Width : In the state of flapping and shiatsu , the width between

The two kneading balls is adjustable with five levels

Electronic Remote Stand Adjustable : Yes

Electronic Intensity control : Yes

Electronic Inclination : Yes

Arm Massage : Yes

Back and Waist Twist :  Yes

Hip Swing :  Yes

Calf Stretch : Yes

Foot extension – Retraction : 21 cm

 Massage of Feet and Arches : Yes  

Heating Function : Yes

Audio Headphones with volume control : Yes

MP3 player : Yes

Synchronised music : Yes

Model  : A-33


Net Weight : 142 kg

Shipping Weight : 150 kg

Length : 189 cm

width : 98 cm

Height : 77.5 cm