Acu Relax



Description :

1.Electromagnetic induction vibration plate use high robot engineering,employs ultra low frequency Vertical Vibraiton method. Unlike the current revolving motor system.

2.Electromagnetic induction vibration plate helps you to exercise every muscle and every cornor of your body by ultra low frequency.

3.Safe and effective hi-tech: Safe ultra low frequency (from 2 to 20HZ) exercise for whole family including the younger & old, as well as professional athletes. No harm to your muscle and joints, even though you lift up the power of 200kgs.

 4.Customized exercise ways through step-by-step adjustment.

5.Low noise and steady movements make it possible watch movies and read books while exercising.

6.Safety and smart Digital Control System-----STT System, DO System, LA System, ECO System, OWD System.

7.Strong or Mild, choose as you wish between 2HZ and up to 50HZ.

--2Hz - 3Hz: Trampoline Effect with Deep Vibrationg

--4Hz-5Hz: Low Jumping Effect with Smoothness

--6Hz-7Hz:Speedy Power Walking Effect

--8Hz-12Hz:Gentle and Fresh Jogging Effect

--13Hz- 19Hz:Total-body Workout Effect

--20Hz-50Hz: General Workout Effect with Fast Shaking

Detailed Products Specification:

--With LCD SCREE for operation

--Max Frequency: 50Hz

--Min Frequency: 2Hz (ultra low frequency)

--Amplitude(2Hz): 25mm (100kgs standard amount)

--Amplitude(30Hz): 2mm (100kgs standard amount)

--Weight Allownce: 200kgs

--Product Size: 579*624*1368mm

--Output power: 800W

--Digital System: STT system

--Electricity Consumption: 200W

--Program: 15

--Power-saving mode: ECO mode.

--NW/GW: 70kgs/87kgs