Acu Relax


Foot Massager

Descriptions :


The Foot Massager stimulates vital points on your feet using modern electronic and medical technology, science, magnetic therapy, and foot reflexology.

There are 4 preset programs and 2 custom programs to choose from.

P1: Relaxing massage
P2: Focuses specifically on areas such as eyes, ears, neck, shoulders, and spine
P3: Focuses on stomach, intestine, and colon
P4: Focuses on legs, genitals, and urinary system
Custom program: Massages different sections of the sole. You can change the desired speed by pressing the speed button while in this program.
Manu: Set speed and direction as desired.

Features :

Power voltage: 110V
Power consumption: 40W
Auto timer: 15 minutes
Speeds: High, medium, and low
Dimensions: 65cm x 39cm x 30.5cm
Weight: 9.5kg
Storage temperature: 15°C to 85°C
Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C