Acu Relax


AcuRelax Rejuvenation Club and Spa offers the latest innovations in the Health and Fitness industry. The Rejuvenation Club offers a fast, practical, effective, and affordable way of exercising and relaxing. Hours at the gym can be replaced with minutes at the Rejuvenation club. The Rejuvenation Club features The Vibration Zone, where users can get the proven health benefits of Whole Body Vibration training. The Massage Zone offers several relaxing massage chairs and massage beds. Members also have access to Nutrition Consultation and Infrared Saunas to relax and eliminate toxins.







Club Facilities include:


Vibration Training: Shake off extra pounds and shape up in just 10 minutes a day.  


Massage Chairs: Refresh, relax, and reduce soreness and stiffness.


Infrared Saunas: Cardiovascular workout while you relax.


Jade Massage Bed: Reduces pain, stiffness, and stress. 


Alkaline Water: Improves sleep, digestion, and absorption. Cleans you from the inside out.


One Time Use

Time allowed


Sauna Session

30 mins. (max)


Vibration Zone

20 mins.


Massage Chair

15 mins.


Massage Bed

45 mins.



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Joining Fee

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Vibration Zone




Massage Zone