Acu Relax

Whole Body Vibration Machines

What is Vibration Training?
In 1960 , vibration training was first introduced for developing muscle strength and improve physical fitness . Later on various scientific studies had been done on vibration technique and the technique was used for the improvement of health and physical fitness. The actual technical term that physiologists use to explain “cyclical vibrations” that are used to better the state of human joints by improving their flexibility relatively fast is Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation .

Benefits of a Vibration by vibration Machine
  • ·             Increase Energy Levels

  • ·             Increase Flexibility

  • ·             Increase Range Of Motion

  • ·             Build Muscle Strength

  • ·             Visibly Improve Body Tone

  • ·             Strengthen Core Muscles

  • ·             Increase Balance

  • ·             Stimulate Digestion